If You Love Sports…

If you want an intelligent and erudite overview of the most important sports films ever made, you owe it to yourself to check out William Russo’s book Great Sports Stories: The Legendary Films. Providing an overview of stories, conflicts, plots, characters, and actions, the book examines the most significant sports films of the past 100 years. From famous literary athletics to the politically incorrect tales of sports from distant past games to professional leagues today. From movies about roller-ball to films about Olympic figures, the book provides a definitive guide to winners and losers among the best and worst movies about sports….

“…an encyclopedia of sports fictions…”  including a breakdown of heroes and villains, the chapters include movies about baseball, football, boxing, hockey, with a focus on non-traditional sports and women figures in sports film.

For those who prefer the nastier side of sports, the irreverently titled Sex, Drugs, Sports, & Whimsy tackles sports issues and personalities of the 21st century, including stories on A-Rod, Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, Lance Armstrong, Manny Ramirez, Tony Harding, Tiger Woods, and a host of other headline superstars with ego and agents. With rapier wit and unrelenting parody, the quick barbs of Russo skewer some of the worst foibles and venal practices of the modern sports star. Drawing on Shakespeare, Dickens, Aesop, Longfellow, and Swift, these small essays are not your usual sports page items or tabloid bits, but they are stinging ripostes and, by the way, funny.

Based on his long-standing college course, popular for over thirty years with waiting lists of students, William Russo has compiled some of the best moments he provides his classes. Now available as e-books on Kindle and Nook, the works are still in print, waiting for the bonfire of book burning that Uber-agent Scott Boras so devoutly wishes.

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