John Wilkes Booth & Lee Harvey Oswald

The two most infamous assassins of American history were closely tied to the stage and screen. Booth obviously was a matinee idol of his era, and Oswald was a child of the first television generation. Each’s boyhood from hell is the subject of the book by William Russo entitled, of course, Booth and Oswald: Education of Assassins. By examining their childhood influences and fantasies, it may be possible to gain a better understanding of what developmental issues led to their adult behaviors. Russo’s book is available on Kindle and Nook now.
Booth fancied himself not only a great Shakespearean actor, but often dressed up as a woman and liked to hear compliments for his comportment. Oswald enjoyed going to cross-dresser bars when he was stationed with the Marines in Japan. And, his favorite television program while growing up was I Led Three Lives, about a spy.
There are merely a few of the bizarre details that can be found in the e-book called Booth and Oswald, available on  The similarities of the two assassins is debunked, but the hundred similarities about their school years remain shocking.

You may contact the author on Facebook page entitled Long Time Ago Books & Movies.

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